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Atrial Fibrillation Tips

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Atrial Fibrillation now plagues millions of people worldwide. Eight to ten percent on the world’s population have or will suffer with atrial fibrillation or cardiac arrhythmias. Your concerns are not how many have atrial fibrillation but, what causes it and how do we manage atrial fibrillation in our life? After the scary ride in the ambulance or the hours in the emergency room, we rush to the internet for an explanation of what is happening to our life.

If you are wondering if the life sentence of drugs (that will eventually cause other heart problems, nerve deterioration and higher chances of stroke)to manage your atrial fibrillation, can be pardoned, then the discovery of mineral deficiency and the ill effects on the heart will be of great interest to atrial fibrillation sufferers.

When a veterinarian is called to tend an animal, he or she is trained to find a cure for the animal, not recommend a band-aid treatment that will hide the disease. Veterinarians are trained in nutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can be corrected allowing the animal’s body to be restored. Our body can also HEAL ITSELF if we give it a chance!

Atrial fibrillation could have been caused by a virus, injury or just passed on from our parents… heard any of this? We won’t debate any of the suggested causes as it really doesn’t enter into the equation if we have atrial fibrillation.

Could there be an explanation that is really the MISSING LINK?

Dr. Linus Pauling, two time winner of the Nobel Prize, claims Iodine deficiency is an important health problem throughout much of the world.

Dr. Guy Abraham, thyroidologist, is convinced that atrial fibrillation and cardiac arrhythmias have grown to epidemic numbers in this country due to iodine deprivation in the body. Adequate iodine reserves in the body are necessary for smooth heartbeat. High iodine doses were prescribed for numerous conditions for over 100 years. Every organ, vessel and tissues in the body needs iodine. Today’s doctors are reluctant to allow larger doses of iodine to be used as therapy. (The reason is not that iodine won’t help or that it is dangerous, but that there is no kickback for a prescription!)

Dr. Bruce West states that “most of the stubborn cases of cardiac arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation … have now been resolved with adequate supplies of iodine”. Dr. West saw people with stubborn arrhythmias get better on 10, 20, 30 and as much as 50 mgs of whole food iodine, daily for 3 to 4 months.

A simple test to find out if you are iodine deficient: procure a small bottle of iodine (less than 20%) from WalMart . Paint a 2 inch circle on the center inside (or inside of the bicep) of your arm.
• If the circle disappears in less than 8 hours, you need iodine desperately.
• If the circle disappears in less than 24 hours, you still need iodine supplement.
• If the 2 inch stain stays on your arm after 24 hours (even if faded) you have reached iodine sufficiency.

Protocols for a healthy heart includes whole food supplements of iodine, calcium, B complex, and magnesium.

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Atrial Fibrillation Supplements

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Atrial fibrillation heart supplementation is the realization that our heart needs vitamins and minerals that aren’t in our diet. Due to mineral exhausted farmlands, processed foods and excess stress in our lives, we are not taking in enough nutrients to maintain an optimal healthy body. Eight to ten percent of the over 60 population are projected to experience atrial fibrillation, not to mention the millions who have atrial fibrillation earlier in life. The aging process is blamed for more poor health than is really true. Our quality of life as we age is in direct correlation to the state of health of our bodies. Healthy bodies produce a better life for all age groups.

Magnesium, Calcium, Iodine and B complex derived from whole foods are four heart supplements that supports muscular movement, nerve conduction, blood coagulation, enzyme system functions, membrane permeability, maintenance/function of cell membranes, and especially supportive to cardiovascular, metabolic and peripheral & central nervous systems. When combined these four supplements support the heart and the normal heartbeat. These 4 minerals and vitamins must be in a form the can be assimilated. Most off the shelf iodine, calcium, magnesium and B complex are excreted and unused because of their origin. The over-the-counter minerals are hard rock mined, refined and only 8-12 % of these nutrients get into the blood stream, the rest pass from the body as useless waste. Whole food iodine, magnesium, calcium and B complex have been produced from live organisms. Plants can take the minerals out of the ground and our bodies can assimilate 53% of these plant made vitamins and minerals. Recent studies and reviews of medical results for over 100 years reveal that the mineral iodine is an essential heart and body supplement that was previously categorized just with thyroid problems.

It takes years of nutrient deprivation before our body rebels and atrial fibrillation or disease manifests and changes our lives. It may take several months of supplement maintenance before you see your desired results in your body.

Cardiac arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation are conditions of the heart. The heart, being a muscle, can benefit greatly from good nutrition and the right whole food supplement support.

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Natural Treatment Atrial Fibrillation

Tuesday, September 04th, 2012

Natural treatment for atrial fibrillation?

My doctor had a new good looking PA that he obviously wanted to impress. “Here is the guy that wants to treat his atrial fib with vitamins!” She laughed and asked, “Have you prescribed the beta blockers,yada, yada, blah, blah, blah down to anything pharmaceutical.” The doctor assured her that he had fulfilled his responsibility of promoting the recognized drugs and poisons down to coumadin. They both laughed and joked more then left the room. The irony of this story is that my doctor introduced himself two visits earlier as a sufferer of atrial fib identical to mine. The doctor then admonished me to take his prescriptions for life, “after all President G.H.W. Bush has AF and takes the same medicine I have prescribed for you”. As a salesperson I could easily recognize the huge snow job for the prescription drugs that I would need the rest of my life!

Three years earlier I went to the emergency room for the first time to discover I had atrial fibrillation. I came home and searched the internet for a natural treatment of atrial fibrillation. At that time not one solution was listed online. I had several doctor friends, a dentist friend and numerous chiropractors that I asked if they knew of an alternative treatment for atril fib. From these personal friends I found the following treatments, doctors, and protocols.

Dr. Sherry Rodgers, author; “Is Your Cardiologist Killing You”

Dr. Bruce West, “Health Alert”

Dr. Stephen Sinatra; “The Sinatra Solution”

Dr. Andrew Weil, Newsletter

Dr. Ken O’Neal, Radio RMN

Whole Food (derived from plants) Supplements to improve AF
• Vitamin D
• Vitamin E (All eight parts of “E”)
• Cataplex B
Magnesium Lactate
• Calcium Lactate
Promaline Iodine
• Magnesium Orotate
• Enzyme complex
• Membrane Complex
• Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
• CoQ10
• L-Arginine
• Alpha Lipoic Acid
• Acetyl L-Carnitine
• D-Ribose
• Hawthorn berry syrup

The cause of AF has been attributed to adrenal burn out, virus, mineral depletion, stress, sleep deprivation, diet and accidents.
I found that several herbs cause AF to occur within a very short period of time. Cascara sagrada, tillandsia, caffeine, and alcohol were completely OFF LIMITS and caused me to go into AF every time I purposely or accidently ingested them. If you have additional items that cause you to go into AF let me know and I will add to this list.

I personally live a very full life now that my AF is in remission. Notice natural remedies will go to work immediately but you need to realize the healing is not instant but is incremental. I participated with mineral drips (magnesium), diet changes and found the combination of light exercise, diet change and supplements gave me my heart back WITH NO MEDICATIONS!

Dr. Sherry Rogers made a quote that meant the most to me. “Educate yourself on your condition, and then treat the condition not the symptom!” Only you will be able to treat you the most effective way because once you recognize the effects you will continue to reclaim your heart. A doctor does not live in your body and fear the stroke or death threats you feel every episode of AF.

Knowledge is very comforting especially when it offers options!

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